Polynesian Navigation 

Michael Hohl

Living in cybernetics: What may design education learn from indigenous Polynesian culture?

Friday 13, 14:15-14:45
Room 01-303

Unity Projects at Anhalt University 

Beeke Bartelt and Unity Team

Designing in / for / with Global Communities.
Then we will have a Participatory Discussion on Unity Projects,  a space for further exploration of the Unity initiative and how to engage in future projects.

Friday 13, 15:00-15:45
Room 01-303

Participatory discussion 
Friday 13, 16:00-16:45
Room 01-302

Interdisciplinarity & Transformation

Petra Müller-Csernetzky

Design in the context of transformation. An approach for cross-disciplinary based innovation. 

Friday 13, 16:00-16:30
Room 01-303

The future of design education

Lesley-Ann Noel and Michael Hohl

The future of design education considering the pluriverse, participatory and speculative design, design & democracy.

Friday 13, 16:45-17:15
Room 01-303 (streaming from USA)


Uwe Gellert and Sandra Giegler

A conversation on what the MAID-program will be like in 20 years.

Saturday 14, 10:00-10:30
Room 01-303


Podium with Joachim Krausse, Stefanie Koch, Petra Müller-Csernetzky, moderated by Sandra Giegler

A conversation about the beginnings of the MAID-program.

Saturday 14, 14:15-14:45
Room 01-303

"Some Remarks on Design Education — Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" 

Joachim Krausse

Reflecting on the past, present and the future of Design Education.

Saturday 14, 15:00-15:45
Room 01-303