Consumption - Ali El Souheil 

What consumption systems control human behaviour?

Friday 13, 14:15-14:45
Room 01-302

Design Education - Alisa Pavlova 

What are the necessary skills for modern designers?

Friday 15:00-15:45
Room 01-302

Designer's Workplace - Kristhel Ramos

I.K.S Industries have arrived on planet earth to change the way designers' learn while sleeping soundly.

Saturday 14, 10:45-11:15
Room 01-303

Consumption - Irem Izer

What would happen if everything we consume developed an identity through digital reality? Exploring the dua-reality concept in which our physical and digital environments interweave inseparably. 

Saturday 14, 11:30-12:00
Room 01-303

Women in Design - Maria Maciejko

The role of women in design professions: How was it in the past, how has it changed and what are the new perspectives.

Saturday 14, 13:00-13:30
Room 01-303

Consumption - Mario Ramos

Can genetic manipulation solve the outgrowing problem of waste management?

Saturday 14, 13:30-14:00
Room 01-303